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Liberal Arts college subjects to major in

Liberal Arts college subjects to major in

With 70 majors to choose from, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has something for See the guidelines for declaring or changing a curriculum or major.
When you tell someone that you're planning to major in a subject like history or English, you get asked the dreaded question: What are you going to do with that?.
Learn about Purdue University's College of Liberal Arts, a college focused on Liberal Arts Majors. Liberal Arts Core. Major, Program, Department. Advertising.

Liberal Arts college subjects to major in - can change

Japanese History and Culture. Asian American Studies Explores Asian Americans across disciplines and cultures and provides both a broad and a deep approach to theory, research, and multidisciplinary study. Students who have a narrow range of interests for example, someone who has a keen interest in computer science but little else often do poorly in a major that does not coincide with their personality. Develops not only reading, writing, and language skills, but also the awareness of cultural differences and interrelations. Read the University of Illinois Privacy Notice. Computer Science and Anthropology A flexible program for students who plan to pursue technical or professional careers in areas requiring a sound grounding in computer science. Fundamentals of Oral Communication.

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Liberal Arts college subjects to major in Equine Studies top free essay sites
Liberal Arts college subjects to major in The Holland environment type of these majors may make it difficult for students to do their best. The Bachelor of Science is awarded to students completing any of the specialized curricula. Technology in the Classroom. Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies. Leadership Techniques for Fitness Programs. Fundamentals of Oral Communication.
Liberal Arts college subjects to major in What Are Liberal Arts? Medieval Studies LAS interdisciplinary major Introduces students to medieval ca. Admission to LAS James Scholar program. Upon completion of the option and the Teacher Education Minor in Secondary School Teaching, students will earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences as well as teaching certification. Prepares students for careers in meteorology, environmental science, climate, remote sensing, science education, atmospheric chemistry, computational science, and other related areas. Diversity and the Media.
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