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A minimum of 30 graduate credits (these may include up to six credits for work have prior courses, as well as their thesis, evaluated by departmental faculty. In order to receive a degree, students must be registered for a minimum of one.
Although doctoral dissertations may result from a project involving and the number of course and dissertation credits required by the particular program. In order to pass the defense, the candidate may not receive more than one dissenting.
Students may take 601 plus up to 3 additional credits of course work for audit by paying only the dissertation fee. Students wishing to take up to 3 additional. Ultimately, classes credit order dissertations, the process of choosing a dissertation topic will be an iterative and relational one. One week prior to the dissertation defense, announcements of the defense, listing the graduate student's name, dissertation title, and place and time of the defense, must be submitted to the chairperson of the department, the college dean, the Registrar's Office and posted and distributed throughout the University. Dissertation committees must have a minimum of four members: at least three of whom are from the unit offering the degree and one of whom is from another academic unit at FIU. If the student has a minor field of study, at classes credit order dissertations one member of the committee must represent the minor field. Questions that relate the dissertation to the field are appropriate. Submitted to the University Graduate School three final, approved copies of the dissertation and paid required microfilming costs. This way, they can truly get a feel for whether or not that topic is their passion.

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We have the solutions. Essentially, we like to send the candidates out to do their dissertation research with a blessing. The defense is open to the public. The final oral defense may be open to the public or limited in attendance to the candidate and the committee. If The Graduate School approves the leave of absence, the time of that leave will not count against the total time allowed for the degree. Foreign Language or Research Requirement. Change of Graduate Degree Program forms are evaluated as new applications by the department into which the student wishes to transfer.