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Optometry best subjects to learn in college

The College of Optometry offers an innovative Doctor of Optometry program that The service learning courses includes practical applications of health.
by Kate Beck. To prepare for optometry school, take several science courses, including chemistry. giving you hands-on work with the concepts you learn in the classroom. Depending on your math skill level when you enter college for your.
Doctor of Optometry program curriculum. View the Health Professions Divison Catalog to learn about the College of Optometry curriculum and more.
Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences. To learn more about our curriculum, visit our Prospective Students — Curriculum page. Because WesternU graduates are expected to practice in all states and regions, they must be prepared for the fullest scope of practice. Integration of basic and clinical sciences. This course integrates basic science disciplines of embryology, histology, neuroanatomy, biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology within a clinical context. The third year of the interprofessional curriculum includes a team-based clinical interaction with standardized patients. For more information about our program, please visit our Prospective Students — Doctor of Optometry page.