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Liberal Arts universities course

Liberal Arts universities course

Working towards a baccalaureate degree in the Arts or Sciences involves taking courses in what are traditionally referred to as the " liberal " arts. This means that.
See how the top national liberal arts colleges rank at US News. college of the New England type" when they created this school with small classes and strong.
A bachelor's degree in liberal arts means that the courses you take will be in general areas of study such as philosophy, mathematics, literature, art history.

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Choose a Major in High School? The Holland environment type of these majors may make it difficult for students to do their best. Fundamentals of Oral Communication. Degree Requirements - AA. Planning Your Class Schedule.

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See the course description for more details. Leadership Techniques for Fitness Programs. Fundamentals of Oral Communication. Comparative Government and Politics. For Education Emphasis Only. Theatrical Arts and Society. As a general studies major you may not be able to take upper-division courses in popular majors like business.