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Information Systems hardest undergraduate degree

1, biomedical engineering is the major that is most worth your tuition, employers reported engineering and computer information systems.
Management Information Systems (MIS) are essential to the running of any large business today. Students in this major will learn how to set-up.
The Accounting Information Systems class is just lots and lots of As I told my professor, at that point this was the hardest course that I had ever. The hardest part of college was the GRE, I did spend a lot of time trying to prepare and stressing out over it, though it turned out to be not as bad as I'd expected. Are you sure they are considered "graduate" courses? Agree with PPs- in Graduate programs, the level of work, depth of analysis you will have to do and the level of knowledge are all more comprehensive. Don't worry about it too much. Ever hear of a certified ethical hacker? I don't thinks it's less reputable.

Information Systems hardest undergraduate degree - that

I imagine you may need to take a couple of additional classes in programming, but I doubt it would keep you out all graduate programs in CS. It's a tough question. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I know where I work they would be considered undergraduate and thus you would pay undergraduate prices for the pre-reqs. Coursework was more in depth, but less breadth. In the MBA program there are a lot of discussion type classes and working in teams on case studies versus long lectures and rote memorization. It was not really "easier" but it became more interesting and related to my future career choice. Question: How Important is Math in a Computer Science Degree?